Sunday, September 20, 2009


School has started and although I like junior high much more than elementary school I'm sad summer and summer break are over.
The swine flu has hit and our whole family got sick. But not from the swine flu, but just the normal flu. I got better today and I am happy to not be feeling so bad now. Just writing about it starts making me feel sick again. Making up school will be hard and I'm not looking forward to it at all. In fact I'm very much dreading it. Oh well.
We watched That Darn Cat... last Saturday I think. And I enjoyed it. It was a funny movie I loved the part where the cat like tricked the dog at the beggining. It was so funny to see the dog look at the fence then look at the cat then look back at the fence. He really did look confused.
Alas, I have very good news and very bad news. I always think it's best just to get the bad news over with first so here it is. My favorite show was taken out of our tv package! It was very sad. My parents weren't letting us watch tv for 3 or 4 days and when I got back on the channel wasn't there. Which is really odd, because they've taken away shows before, but the channel would be there, it just would say it wasn't purchased. And they had taken away this show we liked called Physc ( and Monk, but I don't like that show very much anymore it's kind of depressing, and sometimes it's scary) and now it's back. So I guess maybe they traded, but I want them to trade back now! I'm so sad. But, those...silly cable guys or whoever takes away kids' favorite shows can't stop me! So I'm going to go to Howard Hughs and see if they have the books of seasons there and buy, or rent them!
That wasn't the good news though, the good news is that Aunt Laura is coming! Yeah for Laura! She is a very good example to all those people who aren't coming to visit us, and everyone should follow her example and hurry and come stay at our house! Just not all at the same time because I can get really crowded when too many people come and stay. I mean I seroiusly need some space to live.
So here are my classes in Junior High. PE, English, Social Studies, Study Skills, Math, Science, DIYH. The classes I like are PE and English and English and I love my Socila Studies teacher he is really funny and awesome but he doesn't let all the jerk guys get away with everything. I also love my english teacher, she's in our ward and she's really funa nd a great teacher. Our schedules are really confusing though. Or I guess I guess I could say they were sense I get it now. So I'm going to try to explain it in a few sentences, or maybe a few more as best as I can.
Or actually I'll just kinda tell you, not really "explain" if that makes sense to you.
Ok, so yu have 4 schedules. A day, B day, C day, and D day. Excpet it's not like Monday is A day tuesday is B day Wednesday Is C day, so on. It's sometimes like that, but sometimes it's random so you have to look at the back of your schedule every day to see what day it is.
So every day has a different schedule. For example B day you have first period first, then fifth period second, then 4th period third, then 6th period, the 7th period. Then D day you have 1st period, 2nd period, 3rd period, 5th period, then Access period. Confusing huh. They're not counting lunch as a period so if you have 4-E you go to 4th peroid class then luch on A B and C days. If you have 4-L you got to luch then 4th period class. The same goes for 3rd perid on D day. If you have 3-E you go to 3rd period class then lunch. If you have 3-L you go to luch, then 3rd period class. I don't know if your confused yet, but I know I sure was. But I'm fine now that we're into our third, or fourth week I don't want to figure it out right now. That would be math and I hate math, ALOT!