Sunday, August 16, 2009

Passing the Time

Kelsey is now sixteen. It's wierd.
We went horse back riding for Kelsey's birthday. We actually went the day after her birthday, but it was still for her birthday. It was fun. I really liked my horse. His name was Brent. At first we just walked. Got hang of everything, and then we trotted. They said my horse had the ruffest (is that a word?) trot, and I could tell. I was just trying to stay in my seat. I still had a good time though.
We have a fireside today.
I don't really have anything to write about I'm just really bored. So I guess I'll do a list of 13 things I hate.
1. backwash
2. when people's words don't match their lips on tv
3. when people get you all excited about a place, book, movie, or thing, and then it ends up being horrible
4.pineapple pizza
5. fast-food cheese
6.the first day of school
7. bugs
8.the movie Shark boy and Lava girl
9. Having a perfect image of what I want people to see when they read my story, but not being able to put it into words
10. long, cold winters
11. losing something important so you freak out and search for hours trying to find it when you knew you put it right there and it's not there anymore
12. when someone makes you feel bad
13. throwing up
14. spicy things
15. gettng more than one bottle of lotion a year since I use it probably once every three months

I guess you're not supposed to just look at the bad, or you're a pessitimist. (Is that how you spell that?) So now I'll tell you 17 things I love.

1. basketball
2. hanging out with friends
3. swimming in a lake on a sweltering, hot day with friends or cousins.
4. really good books, especially the ones that make you laugh and cry, and make you try to figure out who's the bad guys, who's the good guys, and why they're doing what they're doing.
5. the pesto chicken pizza at Sellas, and pepperoni pizza
6. the Marvel, Nickelodean cartoon series of Wolverine and the X-men!
7. summer vacation
8. cinnamon swirl bread
9. anything chocolate (unless it's dark chocolate)
10. big trees that give you lots of shade
11. perfect weather, which I guess is it not being hot, cold, or even really warm, just sort of... I don't know just perfect weather
12. Holidays especially Christmas and Halloween
13. the exictment of knowing you got someone the perfetc gift
14. getting an A+ on a math test you thought you would fail, or just getting an A+ on a math test
15. having a great hair-day
16. funny movies (like Support Your Local Sherrif and The Emperor's New Groove. I love those movies!)
17. having fun

Saturday, August 8, 2009


My mom, Nate, Jenna, and Tyler are all away at my aunt, Laura's house right now. They're having fun and I sort of wish I could be there but I'm tired of traveling and I had a party to go to so I decided to pass this time. My dad was going to go to my cousin's wedding Friday but he decided not to. Thursday and Friday Kelsey was babysitting all day and Dad was at work so I had the whole house to myself. It was nice for some quiet and to be alone but I think two days was enough for me. It's Saturday so Dad's home and Kelsey's home so it sort of back to normal.
The party I went to eleven so I fell asleep around midnight so I was really tired today and I didn't get up till ELEVEN! My personal record! Ususally I get up around nine in the summer, sometimes ten or eight. Anyways today was all screwed up. Here's my day so far. I ate breakfast at eleven,then took a shower and got ready, and watched a show. Then went shopping with Kelsey and Dad for some shoes. It seems that Kelsey like some of the some shoes because we both got black converse. I would have got gray or light blue or even dark blue but they didn't have any of those in my size. We searched four stores for my size in those three colors of converse and couldn't find it anywhere until we found it at Famous Footwear in the children's section, and the only color that fit me was black. Oh well. I adore converse! I'm so glad I have a pair now. Not only that but I actually needed them, because my one pair of tennis shoes are getting ruined because I wear them so often. I'm not in any need of flip flops though. I have like five pairs!
I just finished reading Airman for the second time and it was just as good as it was the first time I read it. And that's really good! Anyone who hasn't read it, come to think of it I don't know anyone who's read it, I definitley recommend it. It's a very good. One of my favorites actually(look at my favorite book list). The author is Eion Colfer. Check it out, you could probably find it at your public library (if it's not there request it, seriously it awesome). Don't get your hopes too high though. Because I've learned that if you do that you'll never appreciate it as much as you would have if you'd just expected nothing of it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lots of Fun Once Again (Summer's just fun!)

I got back from the Ward Campout yesterday and it was tons of fun. I didn't know if it would be fun though. I was a little hesitant in whether I wanted to go. I'm glad I did though. We went to Elk River. I can't sleep well when I'm around other people so the whole sleeping part of camping is a little hard for me. But instead of sleeping in the tent I slept on the docks with some of my friends. We were really worried about getting soaked, but we had a tarp. We changed from putting it underneath us to ontop of us about four times, but in the end it got scrunched up underneath one my friends Emma, so I didn't get any at all. No matter though, because I was in the heaviest sleeping bag we have, it's this mummy kind. So only the top of my sleeping bag got wet, while I stayed dry!
We swam ALOT. Actually that's all me and my friends did the second day. We were orginally swimming at the docks right there infront of us, but there was a bunch of weeds sticking up and your legs would get tangled in them, and then this ranger guy came and pointed out the big sign infront of the lake that said NO SWIMMING. We had kind of ignored that because it was so hot, but he said that there was too much glass in that part of the lake but that we could canoe to the other docks and swim there. So we got into the canoes and canoed off. But before we went to the docks we had this big war in the water betweenme and two of my friends in the canoe, and about five or six people squished and sitting on top of a two person paddle boat that went about an eighth of and eigth of a mile per hour. It ended up being a rental though, oops! But there were two other canoes we could use so the War went on. After a while we went to a dock, but it was covered in...discharge, so we called it the poop dock and found another dock that was the best by far. There we played red light green light and you pushed them in instead of tagging them. After that we just swam some more and had some more wars. After awhile my family went home but I stayed with my friend's family for a little while more then we went and got Huckleberry icecream, that was AMAZING! Then we went home and I found and after my nap that seemed very short I found myself a sunburn, four slivers in my hand, a sore bum from sitting on the canoe seat all day, sore knees, and a headache, but it was all worth it for how much fun it was.
I also went to Beehive camp a few weeks ago. It was just the beehives because of the Trek. It was alos lots of fun. My mom went with me and that was great. My friend Robin (Robin Haawk isn't that such a cool name ((it's pronouced Robin Hawk, and her sister's name is Mercedes I love that name))) threw up on the busride there, luckily it was in the bathroom.
The last day there we had a testimony meeting. After it was over, the bishop who had come to listen to it, asked me and my mom to give talks that Sunday. Except not to prepare talks to pretty much just bare out testimonies again. I think my talk went well everyone got a few laughs at the beginning of mine, and surprisingly I wasn't even nervous at all. The night of the testimony meeting at Beehives camp on the other hand I felt as if my heart wasw going to jump out og my chest!