Sunday, November 14, 2010

30 Random Things I am Grateful For

Warning: This will post will not contain any of the normal, usual, practical things people are grateful for. Meaning anything pertaining to family, religious things, food, or sleep.

1. Back rubs
2. Summer rain
3. Inspiration (from songs, books, movies, and people)
4. The person who invented comfortable pants, such as Sweats and PJ's
5. Fuzzy socks.
6. Summer Vacation!
7. When sunlight leaks through cracks in the curtains, and warms your back
8. Those times where you can't help but to crack up laughing, or even just give a little smile because of a funny memory.
9. Teachers who think Homework is overrated
10. The smell of rain
11. Boys who don't think that it's cool to be a jerk
12. Summer nights
13. Friends that have heard your singing, but still let you listen to their Ipod.
14. That I'm done with 6th and 7th grade, and actually like 8th grade.
15. People who dance like no one's watching
16. People who let you be yourself and still like you afterwords.
17. Memories
18. Friday nights
19. My froggy slippers
20. Those days where you know your hair just looks so great, it can't help but to make you just a little happy.
21. That moment of joy when you see your food coming in a restaurant.
22. Digital clocks.
23. The two songs, Secrets and Just the Way You Are
24. Sinking your toes in soft mud
25. My closest friends, Annie, Olivia, Joelle, Cherish, Katie, and Kim
26. All of my guy friends, Chris, Austin, Chase, Jon, Wilson, Alden, and Justin
27. That wonderful feeling of accomplishment, after you exercise
28. The pool
29. People who make me laugh
30. Days where you can just relax and not do anything