Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break

For spring break we all went to St. George to visit our grandparents. It was only 48 degrees when we first got there, which was very disappointing, but quickly warmed up to 78. Which was good, because the whole way there it was snowing, and we got stuck behind an accident that took 45 min. to clean up, then drove 15 mph for 5 min. before getting stuck behind another one, which also took a long time to clean up. We decided to stop at the next town, Beaver, and stay at a hotel, since it was getting pretty dark. Everyone else had that same idea too, though. We were very lucky though, because we called our grandma and she gave us the phone number for the 2nd to last room in the entire town. Everyone else had to sleep on a church floor. Not fun. Especially for someone like me who you could say has sleeping disorders if you felt like being nice that day.
It was definitely worth it, though. The week was a TON of fun. We went hiking, went to parks, to an actual, real, authentic, bookstore, with real books! We went to their Rec. Center and played Racquetball ball (which I was awful at. I've decided my official excuse is that it was my first time), basketball, bump, ping-pong, Foosball (which I creamed my Dad at), and air hockey. And we did lots of other fun things. It was worth the long, hard drive, and would do it again any time.
We got home Sat. afternoon, and a half hour I got home my friend that moved to Pullman invited me over. She said she had "shicks" she was really excited to show me. I tried to figure out what shicks were, and the only possible explanations I could come up with is they got another dog, and that was his name, or it was some stick game. Dad said she probably said "chicks", and he was right. They live in their own little area, and have two dogs, are getting horses, and now have chicks! They were SO cute! They had yellow ones, black ones, and dark brown ones, and one special one that was light brown and had a white stripe going down its back. One went to the bathroom on my hand, and i have to admit they looked slightly less cute after that.
Mom's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and we celebrated Dad's yesterday. We went to Lewiston and he and Mom went to look for lamps. They didn't find any, so we went to this pizza place that was okay. We decided Sella's was much better. Then we went and watched the cartoon movie How to Train Your Dragon in 3D. It was very cool,and everyone really liked it, especially me. I really like cartoons. They're so simple and happy, and always have happily ever afters. I also saw the movie the Illusionist (not in theaters) though, which is not a cartoon, but a mystery and suspense movie. I really liked it, it had cool special effects, and it was really well done. Everyone's faces were always in the shadows, and the edges of the screen were always dimmer, so it looked like you were looking through someone's eyes. I recommend seeing both those movies.