Sunday, May 31, 2009


Wicked is wicked awesome. I mean it's not the "new thing" I saw it like three years ago. But this choir came to my school and sang a song from it and it reminded me how good the play is. For you people who haven't seen it. It's about the Wicked Witch of the West, (or is she so wicked) and her life. It totally changes your view of the whole movie, The Wizard of Oz. It's so weird to see the movie now. All the girls and my dad went and saw it when we lived in Denver, because when my mom had went and saw it in New York City she had to show it to us. She said it was much better in New York, but I think was still great in Denver.
Speaking of my mom, she's going to Chicago tomorrow. I'm happy for her but I so want to go. :( But where I really want to go is Italy. I've wanted to go to Italy since the fourth grade and ever since. Also Hawii, I've wanted to go there my whole life. But now that I have I guess I can cross that off my list. By the way did anyone know that there are wild chicken there?! They're everywhere! They're so annoying. They don't even go cook-a-doodle-doo! They make this annoying screeching sound. But everything else about Hawii rocks! :)

My Book

Just to let all those people who don't know my life goal, I've always wanted to be an author. So, naturally, I'm writing a book. I haven't been working on it lately because I was in this excellerated writing class and I was busy writing stories for that. But now that it's over because, Drum Roll Please, THERE'S ONLY THREE MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL! I've been working on it. And it is so hard. I mean first I get an idea of what the books going to be about, but I don't like the timeline it's in, then I figure out when I want to have the story take place, but I can't think of what the story's going to be about. I've sort of got past that now, but I have an even bigger problem. I've never been that great about planning. I know everyone says don't write as you go, but I do anyways. That's how I am! But now that I'm writing a 400 page book, I can't do that. A book is like a big puzzle and you have to know how all the pieces are going to fit together. Anyways, sorry if I'm boring you I just get really frustrated with all this thinking.
Speaking of good books, I just finished the last Percy Jackson book and anyone who hasn't read it, or hasn't even started the series, start now! You're missing out big time. I think I even like the Percy Jakson series better then Eragon! :O Also there's this really good book called Airman, by Eion Colfer. Not may people have heard of it, but it's incredible.