Monday, July 20, 2009

Lots to Say

We went camping a few days ago and were absolutley attacked by mosquitos! It was fun though. It took us forever to find a place we could camp that was close to the lake though. Because the one we went to last time, with some of our friends, was getting rebuilt or something. We were sad because we were looking forward to going back with our friends. :( We had fun at the beach though.
I am so excited for the new Harry Potter movie! I've only seen the first movie though, becasue I'm not allowed to see the fourth or fith and I've neglected seeing the rest. In third grade I started reading the books though. Except I stopped once I finished the fourth one because the ending scared me. Once the movie got into theaters I started up again and I am curently reading the sixth. I haven't seen the movie yet although I've made several plans to go. Each one has been ruined though. Once I had even called all of my friends and we were going to go at midinight for the first showing, but the tickets were sold out. We went like 14 hours I think it was early to get the tickets, but...oh well. Now all of my friends and even Kelsey have seen it, so I have no one to go with. But I think Kelsey will go again for me. What a nice sister! Plus she said it was really good. I'm excited. I just hope my plans won't get ruined again.
I'm going to Girl's Camp tomorrow for the first time! I still need to pack some things but besides that I'm pretty much ready. My mom has already left with my leader, she left at two.
Kelsey got her braces off! Hurray! She still has to wear this retainer thing for 6 to 8 weeks, but her teeth look fabulous! They are very straight and white! She's happy because now she has her braces off for her 16th birthday which is coming in about a month. Her birthday is August 13 and her best friend's birthday is August 2nd and they're bothe turning sixteen so they're going to do this big party at the park I think. They're going to do night games and such. I want to talk about presents, but she reads my blog sometimes, so my....fingers are sealed? And I'll say no more!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lots of Fun

The past two and a half weeks I've been many places. First we stayed the night at my gradparents, then went to a family reunion where one of my cousins got married, then we went to my other gradparents, then we went to Salt Lake, then we went back to my grandparents that we stayed the night at. LOTS of traveling, about 37 hours in two and a half weeks. That is too much for me. It was a ton of fun though. Everyone enjoyed it, although we got a little grumpy in the car.
The Fourth of July we were at my dad's mom and dad's place for the morning, then we went back to Salt Lake where we had the family reunion and watched fireworks. We stayed at Parma for a while and visited my mom's parents, some cousins, and aunts and uncles. And I got to go fourwheeling alot. I love it. We went tubing and canoed in their pond.
We also went to Saint George and visited my dad's parents. That was also lots of fun. We went to the park and visited. I hadn't seen them in forever it was nice to finally have some time with them. THose two weeks our "diet" mostly consisted of hamburgers. I am SO sick of them.
I just got back a few hours ago and I am EXHAUSTED! So bye.