Friday, February 12, 2010


So right now my life is just the usual. Eat, sleep, breath. OK, so it's a little more interesting than that, but nothing too exciting has happened lately. I hang-out with friends, try to help them out with all their boy drama stuff, which I luckily have chosen not to get involved in except to give them advice and listen to them. I go to school, go to mutual, go to church, go to b-ball practice. And that's about it.
OK, actually here is something that's bugged me.I learned that for mutual that we we're going to learn how to swing dance, and with boys too. So that might sound fun to anyone else, but to me that sounds like torture. I begged and begged my parents to not make me go, but apparently it's my duty. Finally they partially gave in and said I only had to stay there for 25 min. Which means at exactly 7:25 I could call them if I wasn't having fun.
Luckily our neigbors we were car-pooling with came a few minutes late, but that didn't help too much. So I went there, and to put it in short, it was awful. It was a tri-ward activity so there was like 30 people standing in front of me so I couldn't see the instuctors, they were going super fast, me or the guy I was doing it with didn't know how to do it, and pluss I hate dancing unless you're just totally goofing off with your friends or family. So after we switched partners a couple of times I went and hid in the bathroom for then next 5 min. Kelsey wouldn't let me use her cellphone to call my parents so I used the church phone to call them.
When I got home I went and changed into my Pjs and then Jenna came down and said my leader, Sister Kreihbel, was here to see me. I thought she was going to make me go somewhere so I threw on some clothes and went up to see that she had made me a huge cookie in the shape of a heart, that was beatifully decorated. Sister Kreibel is a wonderful leader and I love her so much. She is so sweet and dedicated to her calling.
So, the next day guess what we did in PE. We had to go up to the mat room and watch and do a DANCING video. It wasn't as bad though, because it was all these weird, funny dances and I was with my friends, so me and my friend, Olivia, just totally goofed around.
And today is the family dance at the church. I never knew that Valentines Day was a time for dancing. So I give all of you a challenge. Show your love by going home and dancing your heart out tonight. and Happy Valentines Day!