Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sigh, my blog won't let me change my background and it's been that way for like 6 months. Sigh, again. I don't really have too much to say so I'll make this short. Here's what happened and what's going to happen.
1. Kelsey went to debbs
2. I had the usual week, went to school, went to friends house and watched a movie, got in trouble, slept, ate, went to church.
3. We fasted Thursday because we're doing this ward fasting thing. It was hard to fast at school, but worth it. Afterwards we went to the Mongolian BBQ, which was delicious and I brought the leftovers to school for lunch the next day.
4. My friend that I saw at The Mongolian BBQ was sick the next day so I really hope she didn't get food poisining or anything.
Going to Happen
1. There's a field trip Friday where all the 7th graders get split up onto two ferries and go watch eagles fly around. Sounds fun right. Wrong! First of all it's the middle of December, in Moscow, and your on a boat, on a lake, with lots of wind. I don't know about you but that sounds just a little cold to me. Also most of my closer friends have the other science teacher so they won't be on my boat because the boats are split up by classes. Also my hands get cold really easily. They even turn purple. Also sometimes I get car sick, and I'd be on a bus or boat all day. Pluss everyone who went on it said it was boring and no fun. So me and my friend, Ameena, talked to our teacher and we're going to stay home and have tons of fun. He's going to give us an assignment as punishment for not going, but it's going to be worth it because I'll be able to sleep in on a Friday when everyone else has to get up early and go be miserable at school! Also we're going to go shopping, and they'll be like no one there and we're going to make cookies and watch a movie, and other fun stuff.
2. There's a temple trip on Saturday, which we'll be I think the 4th one there's been since I've went into the YW, but the second one I've ever been on. I'm excited, it'll be fun.
3. The Cresh is coming up, Wednesday. And for all of you who don't know what that is it's where people go and look at all these Nativity sets they have set up.
4.The Weber Family Reunion is coming up, which I am SO looking forward too.
5. And CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!
6. and New Years
7. And my (and Trent's) Birthday. I'm turning 14! It's so weird!
As you can see alot more will be happening then already happened. Which kinda seems how it always is, even though it's not. (except for this instant of course) We just think life will get more interesting as we go on.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 days

Nathan's birthday is tomorrow and Thanksgiving comes on along with it. Except it's 3 days later. And then 3 days after that is his babtism, which kelsey, jenna, and I have been working hard to perfect our trio thingy. Then like 4 weeks after that is CHRISTMAS! Then 3 days after that is Tyler's birthday. Then 3 days after that is New Years. Then 3 days after that is, finally, my birthday. After everyone's all partied out and tired of periods of 3 days. Which, my birthday is also the day school starts back on from Christmas break. Just dandy huh! And it's also basketball tryouts. So I hope I do good.
Oh, and there's a family reunion in the middle of it all. Then after my birthday everything slows down for a while. Thanks goodness!
And Tyler was actually supposed to be born a day before me, Jan. 3. Wouldn't that stink! We'd probably share a cake! Maybe even presents! Can you imagine me playing with little firefighter action figures and such things, and Tyler trying to walk in my jeans? OK, so can I. Which just shows you how weird our family is.
I'm not complaining or anything, but Tyler's and my birthday's aren't in the best places. Especially Tyler's. Don't get me wrong! I love my birthday and I wouldn't change where it is if I could, because Jan. 4th just seems too speacial to me. But, again especially for Tyler, people don't feel like they have to work as hard to get us good presents. (Not mom and dad though. they do great and I mean it) because they just got us presents for Christmas so why would they get us two good presents in the period of less than a week?
Sorry I know that sounded selfish, but I guess I feel more bad for Tyler, because he has it bad! 3 days after Chirstmas!
Actually we all kinda have our birthdays 3 days after a holiday of somesort.
Me, 3 days after New Years.
Nathan, sometimes 3 days after Thanksgiving. It depends since it always moves around.
Jenna 3 days after April Fools.
Tyler, 3 days after Christmas.
Happy Birthday Nathan!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Spirit

I didn't feel like writing on my blog but I decided to anyways. It's good to make yourself do stuff you don't want to sometimes.
I was going to be a carrot for Halloween, then a gangester, then I ended up being a hippie. Well, a hippie/hobo. Pretty much I had this huge afro and tied this band around my head, but instead of like the tight pants and loose shirt, I wore this tye-dye shirt and my pjs. Oh and a beard. So I was sort of a hippie slump. A hippie who was too lazy to look like one.
I liked it though. I went trick-or-treating with my friend who moved to Pullman. It takes an hour to get there and back, so we met them half way there and brought her back. We went with the whole family, but then when we went back we kept going. We went for two hours, but weirdly I didn't end up with too much candy. Jenna had litrealy (however you spell that?) 3 times more than me. Her pillowcase was half way full! Mine was like too small to be a fraction. Oh, well! I had fun anyways, and besided candy's bad for you. (That's kind of sour grapes, but I'm being opptomistic about it so it's more like yummy sour grapes. They're out there, I've had them!) When we came back the kids were watching Horton Hears A Who, (I capilized the A because it's an important letter ((it's the letter that starts my name which helps a little bit)) but people are never capitlizing it, I'm going to capitalize it every time it's by its self in this post from now on) which is one of Taylor's least favorite movies and one of my favorite animated movies. It's right up there with Kung Foo Panda. Those movies are hillarious!!!!! Anyways we watched it anyways and she was lauging the whole time! I kept asking her why this was one of her least favorite movies if she thought it was so funny. She just said it was only the begginning she didn't like. But I think she liked it, and the beggining's one of my favorite parts.
I also wanted to add something to the 10 things I really want to be able to do list, but I forgot what it is. It's sad. That's all I feel like writing about so I think I'm going to end this post now. Oh, and by the way, Taylor (my friend) was a pioneer, Jenna was a witch, Tyler was Batman, and Nate was a Storm Trooper. (Tyler changed what what he was over and over again Halloween day. He was almost a ghost, then Buzz Lightyear, then Batman, which those are actaully his pjs, and back and forth, until he finally decided to stick with Batman)
Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

10 Things I Wish I Could Do

1. Do that thing where you pull of the tablecloth but all the dishes stay on the table
2. Have super powers (fly, super strenght, turn invisible etc.)
3. Be in a movie, but only like one and not to be famous.
4. Do a backflip, and all those crazy, awesome tricks people do on TV.
5. Sing
6. Throw a football
7. Eat healthy
8. Punch through a wall
9. Have my cookies actually turn out for once, or at least have them be chewable
10. Walk on walls

Sunday, September 20, 2009


School has started and although I like junior high much more than elementary school I'm sad summer and summer break are over.
The swine flu has hit and our whole family got sick. But not from the swine flu, but just the normal flu. I got better today and I am happy to not be feeling so bad now. Just writing about it starts making me feel sick again. Making up school will be hard and I'm not looking forward to it at all. In fact I'm very much dreading it. Oh well.
We watched That Darn Cat... last Saturday I think. And I enjoyed it. It was a funny movie I loved the part where the cat like tricked the dog at the beggining. It was so funny to see the dog look at the fence then look at the cat then look back at the fence. He really did look confused.
Alas, I have very good news and very bad news. I always think it's best just to get the bad news over with first so here it is. My favorite show was taken out of our tv package! It was very sad. My parents weren't letting us watch tv for 3 or 4 days and when I got back on the channel wasn't there. Which is really odd, because they've taken away shows before, but the channel would be there, it just would say it wasn't purchased. And they had taken away this show we liked called Physc ( and Monk, but I don't like that show very much anymore it's kind of depressing, and sometimes it's scary) and now it's back. So I guess maybe they traded, but I want them to trade back now! I'm so sad. But, those...silly cable guys or whoever takes away kids' favorite shows can't stop me! So I'm going to go to Howard Hughs and see if they have the books of seasons there and buy, or rent them!
That wasn't the good news though, the good news is that Aunt Laura is coming! Yeah for Laura! She is a very good example to all those people who aren't coming to visit us, and everyone should follow her example and hurry and come stay at our house! Just not all at the same time because I can get really crowded when too many people come and stay. I mean I seroiusly need some space to live.
So here are my classes in Junior High. PE, English, Social Studies, Study Skills, Math, Science, DIYH. The classes I like are PE and English and English and I love my Socila Studies teacher he is really funny and awesome but he doesn't let all the jerk guys get away with everything. I also love my english teacher, she's in our ward and she's really funa nd a great teacher. Our schedules are really confusing though. Or I guess I guess I could say they were sense I get it now. So I'm going to try to explain it in a few sentences, or maybe a few more as best as I can.
Or actually I'll just kinda tell you, not really "explain" if that makes sense to you.
Ok, so yu have 4 schedules. A day, B day, C day, and D day. Excpet it's not like Monday is A day tuesday is B day Wednesday Is C day, so on. It's sometimes like that, but sometimes it's random so you have to look at the back of your schedule every day to see what day it is.
So every day has a different schedule. For example B day you have first period first, then fifth period second, then 4th period third, then 6th period, the 7th period. Then D day you have 1st period, 2nd period, 3rd period, 5th period, then Access period. Confusing huh. They're not counting lunch as a period so if you have 4-E you go to 4th peroid class then luch on A B and C days. If you have 4-L you got to luch then 4th period class. The same goes for 3rd perid on D day. If you have 3-E you go to 3rd period class then lunch. If you have 3-L you go to luch, then 3rd period class. I don't know if your confused yet, but I know I sure was. But I'm fine now that we're into our third, or fourth week I don't want to figure it out right now. That would be math and I hate math, ALOT!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Passing the Time

Kelsey is now sixteen. It's wierd.
We went horse back riding for Kelsey's birthday. We actually went the day after her birthday, but it was still for her birthday. It was fun. I really liked my horse. His name was Brent. At first we just walked. Got hang of everything, and then we trotted. They said my horse had the ruffest (is that a word?) trot, and I could tell. I was just trying to stay in my seat. I still had a good time though.
We have a fireside today.
I don't really have anything to write about I'm just really bored. So I guess I'll do a list of 13 things I hate.
1. backwash
2. when people's words don't match their lips on tv
3. when people get you all excited about a place, book, movie, or thing, and then it ends up being horrible
4.pineapple pizza
5. fast-food cheese
6.the first day of school
7. bugs
8.the movie Shark boy and Lava girl
9. Having a perfect image of what I want people to see when they read my story, but not being able to put it into words
10. long, cold winters
11. losing something important so you freak out and search for hours trying to find it when you knew you put it right there and it's not there anymore
12. when someone makes you feel bad
13. throwing up
14. spicy things
15. gettng more than one bottle of lotion a year since I use it probably once every three months

I guess you're not supposed to just look at the bad, or you're a pessitimist. (Is that how you spell that?) So now I'll tell you 17 things I love.

1. basketball
2. hanging out with friends
3. swimming in a lake on a sweltering, hot day with friends or cousins.
4. really good books, especially the ones that make you laugh and cry, and make you try to figure out who's the bad guys, who's the good guys, and why they're doing what they're doing.
5. the pesto chicken pizza at Sellas, and pepperoni pizza
6. the Marvel, Nickelodean cartoon series of Wolverine and the X-men!
7. summer vacation
8. cinnamon swirl bread
9. anything chocolate (unless it's dark chocolate)
10. big trees that give you lots of shade
11. perfect weather, which I guess is it not being hot, cold, or even really warm, just sort of... I don't know just perfect weather
12. Holidays especially Christmas and Halloween
13. the exictment of knowing you got someone the perfetc gift
14. getting an A+ on a math test you thought you would fail, or just getting an A+ on a math test
15. having a great hair-day
16. funny movies (like Support Your Local Sherrif and The Emperor's New Groove. I love those movies!)
17. having fun

Saturday, August 8, 2009


My mom, Nate, Jenna, and Tyler are all away at my aunt, Laura's house right now. They're having fun and I sort of wish I could be there but I'm tired of traveling and I had a party to go to so I decided to pass this time. My dad was going to go to my cousin's wedding Friday but he decided not to. Thursday and Friday Kelsey was babysitting all day and Dad was at work so I had the whole house to myself. It was nice for some quiet and to be alone but I think two days was enough for me. It's Saturday so Dad's home and Kelsey's home so it sort of back to normal.
The party I went to eleven so I fell asleep around midnight so I was really tired today and I didn't get up till ELEVEN! My personal record! Ususally I get up around nine in the summer, sometimes ten or eight. Anyways today was all screwed up. Here's my day so far. I ate breakfast at eleven,then took a shower and got ready, and watched a show. Then went shopping with Kelsey and Dad for some shoes. It seems that Kelsey like some of the some shoes because we both got black converse. I would have got gray or light blue or even dark blue but they didn't have any of those in my size. We searched four stores for my size in those three colors of converse and couldn't find it anywhere until we found it at Famous Footwear in the children's section, and the only color that fit me was black. Oh well. I adore converse! I'm so glad I have a pair now. Not only that but I actually needed them, because my one pair of tennis shoes are getting ruined because I wear them so often. I'm not in any need of flip flops though. I have like five pairs!
I just finished reading Airman for the second time and it was just as good as it was the first time I read it. And that's really good! Anyone who hasn't read it, come to think of it I don't know anyone who's read it, I definitley recommend it. It's a very good. One of my favorites actually(look at my favorite book list). The author is Eion Colfer. Check it out, you could probably find it at your public library (if it's not there request it, seriously it awesome). Don't get your hopes too high though. Because I've learned that if you do that you'll never appreciate it as much as you would have if you'd just expected nothing of it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lots of Fun Once Again (Summer's just fun!)

I got back from the Ward Campout yesterday and it was tons of fun. I didn't know if it would be fun though. I was a little hesitant in whether I wanted to go. I'm glad I did though. We went to Elk River. I can't sleep well when I'm around other people so the whole sleeping part of camping is a little hard for me. But instead of sleeping in the tent I slept on the docks with some of my friends. We were really worried about getting soaked, but we had a tarp. We changed from putting it underneath us to ontop of us about four times, but in the end it got scrunched up underneath one my friends Emma, so I didn't get any at all. No matter though, because I was in the heaviest sleeping bag we have, it's this mummy kind. So only the top of my sleeping bag got wet, while I stayed dry!
We swam ALOT. Actually that's all me and my friends did the second day. We were orginally swimming at the docks right there infront of us, but there was a bunch of weeds sticking up and your legs would get tangled in them, and then this ranger guy came and pointed out the big sign infront of the lake that said NO SWIMMING. We had kind of ignored that because it was so hot, but he said that there was too much glass in that part of the lake but that we could canoe to the other docks and swim there. So we got into the canoes and canoed off. But before we went to the docks we had this big war in the water betweenme and two of my friends in the canoe, and about five or six people squished and sitting on top of a two person paddle boat that went about an eighth of and eigth of a mile per hour. It ended up being a rental though, oops! But there were two other canoes we could use so the War went on. After a while we went to a dock, but it was covered in...discharge, so we called it the poop dock and found another dock that was the best by far. There we played red light green light and you pushed them in instead of tagging them. After that we just swam some more and had some more wars. After awhile my family went home but I stayed with my friend's family for a little while more then we went and got Huckleberry icecream, that was AMAZING! Then we went home and I found and after my nap that seemed very short I found myself a sunburn, four slivers in my hand, a sore bum from sitting on the canoe seat all day, sore knees, and a headache, but it was all worth it for how much fun it was.
I also went to Beehive camp a few weeks ago. It was just the beehives because of the Trek. It was alos lots of fun. My mom went with me and that was great. My friend Robin (Robin Haawk isn't that such a cool name ((it's pronouced Robin Hawk, and her sister's name is Mercedes I love that name))) threw up on the busride there, luckily it was in the bathroom.
The last day there we had a testimony meeting. After it was over, the bishop who had come to listen to it, asked me and my mom to give talks that Sunday. Except not to prepare talks to pretty much just bare out testimonies again. I think my talk went well everyone got a few laughs at the beginning of mine, and surprisingly I wasn't even nervous at all. The night of the testimony meeting at Beehives camp on the other hand I felt as if my heart wasw going to jump out og my chest!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lots to Say

We went camping a few days ago and were absolutley attacked by mosquitos! It was fun though. It took us forever to find a place we could camp that was close to the lake though. Because the one we went to last time, with some of our friends, was getting rebuilt or something. We were sad because we were looking forward to going back with our friends. :( We had fun at the beach though.
I am so excited for the new Harry Potter movie! I've only seen the first movie though, becasue I'm not allowed to see the fourth or fith and I've neglected seeing the rest. In third grade I started reading the books though. Except I stopped once I finished the fourth one because the ending scared me. Once the movie got into theaters I started up again and I am curently reading the sixth. I haven't seen the movie yet although I've made several plans to go. Each one has been ruined though. Once I had even called all of my friends and we were going to go at midinight for the first showing, but the tickets were sold out. We went like 14 hours I think it was early to get the tickets, but...oh well. Now all of my friends and even Kelsey have seen it, so I have no one to go with. But I think Kelsey will go again for me. What a nice sister! Plus she said it was really good. I'm excited. I just hope my plans won't get ruined again.
I'm going to Girl's Camp tomorrow for the first time! I still need to pack some things but besides that I'm pretty much ready. My mom has already left with my leader, she left at two.
Kelsey got her braces off! Hurray! She still has to wear this retainer thing for 6 to 8 weeks, but her teeth look fabulous! They are very straight and white! She's happy because now she has her braces off for her 16th birthday which is coming in about a month. Her birthday is August 13 and her best friend's birthday is August 2nd and they're bothe turning sixteen so they're going to do this big party at the park I think. They're going to do night games and such. I want to talk about presents, but she reads my blog sometimes, so my....fingers are sealed? And I'll say no more!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lots of Fun

The past two and a half weeks I've been many places. First we stayed the night at my gradparents, then went to a family reunion where one of my cousins got married, then we went to my other gradparents, then we went to Salt Lake, then we went back to my grandparents that we stayed the night at. LOTS of traveling, about 37 hours in two and a half weeks. That is too much for me. It was a ton of fun though. Everyone enjoyed it, although we got a little grumpy in the car.
The Fourth of July we were at my dad's mom and dad's place for the morning, then we went back to Salt Lake where we had the family reunion and watched fireworks. We stayed at Parma for a while and visited my mom's parents, some cousins, and aunts and uncles. And I got to go fourwheeling alot. I love it. We went tubing and canoed in their pond.
We also went to Saint George and visited my dad's parents. That was also lots of fun. We went to the park and visited. I hadn't seen them in forever it was nice to finally have some time with them. THose two weeks our "diet" mostly consisted of hamburgers. I am SO sick of them.
I just got back a few hours ago and I am EXHAUSTED! So bye.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I don't know what the title of this post should be

I'm doing a basketball camp. It's Whitepine and it's in Troy. It's boys and girls, but you only play with and against the girls. First you do drills and other stiff like that then you do one on one, and three and three, and five and five on five, and Hotshot and yeah. There's the NBA girls. WHiche are the girls going into 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Then there's the little girls. There are these girls in eight grade from Genese and they are really good! I'm also going to a family reunion on Friday. I'm way excited.
I couldn't find any pictures of my room, but I'll try to get some soon. Oh and Samantha I got the water droplet pic from the internet. I can't wait to see you too! Oh and at the basketball camp there's this girl that really reminds me of you! Her name is Madison. She doesn't really look like you, but she acts alot like you. Don't worry, I love her!
I just have to add that I found a good library. The Moscow one, lets just say it isn't the best. But now I'm going to this one someplace. I don't know where. I don't realy pay attention to things like that. It's sort of a flaw, because when someone gives me a ride home from someplace I've only been to a few times, and they ask me how to get to my house I just say, "Uh, I don't really know, heh."And I'm reading Inkdeath. It's really good.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Squatting Duck Tour

Ok, I' going to take you on a tour of "jump shots". Eventhough this has nothing to do with basketball, and that joke doesn't make sense (if you knew it was a joke that is) but I've decided everyone should make at least one bad joke on their blog. Why not do it now? Ok, back to the point.
On the first picture on this post, you see a really awesome picture of me and my mom jumping. (I look like I'm jumping high don't I) While Kelsey is waving hi to all you cool people reading this post. (Because uncool people never read any of my posts) And Jenna is doing the "squatting duck" as I call it.
This brings us to the post below the one we were just looking at. Please look down. (Don't tell my family I put this on here. They would try to erase my post) This post shows us all imitating the rare and beautiful duck. Say squat! (In reality we're all just getting ready to jump. We were a little late. He he.)
Just to let all you people who can't sleep at night worrying if my story's going good know. Rest on! It's going great! I defeated the Lazy Monster! Harrah! I did start almost all over twice, but I think I've got it now. Hey, better late than never. I'm going to stop talking about my story now because people are probably getting bored reading every little detail about it. Sorry :)
M&C. Ever heard of it? Be glad if you haven't. M&C are the two...keyboard letters, on my keyboard that refuse to apear on this screen, unless I pound on them! It's so frustrating to type so slow. I'm going to punish them now mmmmmmmcccccccccccccccccccccccccc. There.
Oh, and I almost forgot. I didn't know you Skinners were coming up. When? Comment me!(Comment is a very hard word to type, it had a c and two ms! :/ grrr)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Lazy Monster is Taking Over!

I went real fishing for the first time yesterday. I say "real" because I've went twice before this, but the first time I was three and didn't do anything. The second time was about a year ago, but again I had no idea what I was doing, and neither did my dad, so I just stood there with a fishing pole in my hand.
But this time was the real thing! I learned how to actually cast, and caught my first fish! Yeah! It was a blue gail, but I put it back for two reasons. First, my dad had the only bucket at this frying booth, (it was like a free fishing thing and they would clean and fry your fish for you) because Nathan also caught his first fish, a bass. Way to go Nate! And the booth was too far away. Also, it was too small for me to want to keep it. It wasn't that small, but I was going for the big stuff! Unfortunatley I didn't get the big stuff. In fact I didn't catch any more fish. It wasn't entirely my fault though, because our my bait kept falling off in the water, so we asked this one guy and he said that we had the wrong hooks for that kind of bait, oops!
I also finished my room last Monday, and I have to say, it looks Fabulous! The only thing I have left to do is decide whether I want to paint my bookshelf and if I do paint it. Also, I'm going to get some of these paper lantern things, like the kind they have in Panda Express, only smaller and white, and hang them up everywhere. Oh, and I might get some beads to hang in the doorway.
If you want an update on how my story's going. Then here it is. Bad. It's not that I have writer's block. It's just that, one, I'm lazy and never want to have to think so hard about how to put my thoughts into words, and two, it's really hard to transition. Oh, and three, it's suppost to sound like olden time talk, or whatever. But I sound like now, because I am now. So I think I'm going to change my story from first person, and make it narrator's point of view or whatever that one is when it's all like, Then she fell off the peach, or whatever you're saying. And I have many other problems, but I don't want to talk about them, because it's depressing. I want to give up so many times, but I'm not going to. So there! Take that Lazy Monster! Trying to take me? Ha! In your dreams!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Here's Tyler in his Halloween costume and a cool sunset picture

Here are some pictures I thought were really cool

Life is Full of Sorrows

To answer your question Aunt Cindy, I'm painting my room blue. My mom bought some samples at Sherman Williams, and after she bought four of them that I didn't like she finally said that I could pick one more color. And this time she wouldn't buy a sample but a whole bucket, and that I would have to paint my room that color even if I didn't like it. Lucky for me I did like it! I hope I stil will after the whole room is painted. My dad moved out all my furniture except for my bed. My room feels so naked and empty! Me and my mom are going to paint it tomorrow. I hope it looks good!
Wednesday I'm going to my friends going away party. She's moving to Pullamn. :( Pullman's not too faraway. It's like 10 min away, but her house is like 45 min away, beacuse she's moving like to the country. So I'll probably visit her once in awhile, but she won't be at the Junior High or Church. again :( The going-away part is at her new house, I've seen it once. It's pretty cool. Their neighbors have horses and they have this pond on their property. I think my friend is going to like it there.
Yesterday morning we found out that a person in our ward had died. He had been in the hospital for awhile with heart problems. It was a big shock to know that he was dead. I feel really bad for his parents. It must be such a comfort for them to have the gospel and know that they can live with him again. IT's a comfort to me too.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yesterday we had graduation. We watched a slideshow of pictures of us from when we were little kids, to older little kids, to now. Then we shook all the teachers hands and got our diplomas. We were also given awards to the people with perfect attendance, and all the other things. I have never clapped so much in my life! After we were done with all that we all threw our hats in the air and yelped, yahooed, or yelled with joy!
Now that I'm out of grade school I guess I'll be going into the Junoir High. Alot of people are scared or excited, but I'm neither. I'm not scared to be going into seventh grade. I'm also not going to be too excited about going back to school, but I am happy that I'm out of grade school. I just hope that I get the electives that I want and that I have friends in at least a few of my classes, especially lunch.
Anyways, enough about school! Summer is here and I am ready to party! We had a bbq last night for mutual, celebrating the last day of school, and I think they're darn right, we should celebrate! Before the bbq I hung out with some friends of mine. We had a water fight against their brothers, but when one had to leave we played sardines. Then we went in and strobed. I love strobe lights now! They are so cool! I totally want one. The only bad thing about them is that it's hard to run whe they're on. We tried playing duck duck goose and when it was my turn to run I totally took one girl out! Oh well, I still think they're awesome.
Today I'm going to go swimming but it's going to be really crowded because it's the first day it opens. That can be good if you play chase though. More people to hide behind. Going swimming aren't my only plans though. This summer I have two major projects. One, painting my room. I finally picked out my paint color and I hope it looks good. Cross your fingers! The other one is working on my book. I'm also going to go to Girl's Camp this summer. But becuase of Trek, it'll only be the Beehives at camp this year. This summer is also the Woolley family reunion and two of my cousins are getting married while we're there. They're brother and sister, and they're getting married like less than a week apart. Yikes! I feel bad for their poor parents. Oh! And I'll also be hanging out with my friends of course! I'm just so happy summer is finally here. It felt like it would never come!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Wicked is wicked awesome. I mean it's not the "new thing" I saw it like three years ago. But this choir came to my school and sang a song from it and it reminded me how good the play is. For you people who haven't seen it. It's about the Wicked Witch of the West, (or is she so wicked) and her life. It totally changes your view of the whole movie, The Wizard of Oz. It's so weird to see the movie now. All the girls and my dad went and saw it when we lived in Denver, because when my mom had went and saw it in New York City she had to show it to us. She said it was much better in New York, but I think was still great in Denver.
Speaking of my mom, she's going to Chicago tomorrow. I'm happy for her but I so want to go. :( But where I really want to go is Italy. I've wanted to go to Italy since the fourth grade and ever since. Also Hawii, I've wanted to go there my whole life. But now that I have I guess I can cross that off my list. By the way did anyone know that there are wild chicken there?! They're everywhere! They're so annoying. They don't even go cook-a-doodle-doo! They make this annoying screeching sound. But everything else about Hawii rocks! :)

My Book

Just to let all those people who don't know my life goal, I've always wanted to be an author. So, naturally, I'm writing a book. I haven't been working on it lately because I was in this excellerated writing class and I was busy writing stories for that. But now that it's over because, Drum Roll Please, THERE'S ONLY THREE MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL! I've been working on it. And it is so hard. I mean first I get an idea of what the books going to be about, but I don't like the timeline it's in, then I figure out when I want to have the story take place, but I can't think of what the story's going to be about. I've sort of got past that now, but I have an even bigger problem. I've never been that great about planning. I know everyone says don't write as you go, but I do anyways. That's how I am! But now that I'm writing a 400 page book, I can't do that. A book is like a big puzzle and you have to know how all the pieces are going to fit together. Anyways, sorry if I'm boring you I just get really frustrated with all this thinking.
Speaking of good books, I just finished the last Percy Jackson book and anyone who hasn't read it, or hasn't even started the series, start now! You're missing out big time. I think I even like the Percy Jakson series better then Eragon! :O Also there's this really good book called Airman, by Eion Colfer. Not may people have heard of it, but it's incredible.