Sunday, May 30, 2010

Seven More Days of School

ONLY SEVEN MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!! I am so excited! This year, unlike last year, has gone by very fast. Nonetheless I am ready for Summer Break! There's no school tomorrow, because it's Memorial Day, and then there's three days the next week. Which means, because of our weird schedule, I only have 5 more days of each class!!!!! Which is especially exciting because that means I only have exactly 5 hours and 30 min. left with Mr. Lawton, my Science teacher, FOREVER!
I don't have anything too big planned out for the summer. We're going camping a couple of times, I don't know how fun that will be, but I'm trying to keep open mind. Then there's Girl's Camp, and we're going to Spokane with Aunt Julie to go shopping and other fun stuff. I'll also be hanging out with friends a lot, and going to the pool. And No, I'm not going to be working on my tan, because I don't get tan, I get sunburned. So I will be wearing sunscreen at the pool, and the real kind, not the tanning kind, unlike all my sunburn-free-tan-lovin friends. But besides that my Summer is totally care-free, and I can tell you right now, I am going to LOVE it!!!