Saturday, January 16, 2010

Going Foreign

We had a Weber family reunion and it was very fun. We didn't really go in the snow though, except for one day we went sledding. We, Anne,Samantha and me went into the hot tub a couple of times. We'd go and run around in the snow then run back into the hot tub. We had Family Night and we we're in charge of the awards. Some we had were, the biggest bruise, the person who's changed the most since the last Family reunion,the person who can do the most push-ups, ect.
We played lots of games, ate lots of food, and I had a blast! We left Thursday and spent New Years Eve in Salt Lake with some cousins on are other side. That was fun too. We played on the Wii, ate food, watched Spider Man 3, and Jenna, BreAnne and I did some makeovers where we made ourselves look scary, even if sometimes it wasn't on purpose.
My b-day was two weeks ago, but we're celebrating it today. We had french-bread french-toast, and german pancakes (which we got from Heather's blog), I guess I just felt like going foreign. It was very good, we also had orange juice. I got a cute skirt that was beige and had pink and brown flowers all over it and a brown T-shirt to go with it. I had actually picked those out myself before when my mom and i went shopping and i got to pick out two things, reasonablly priced I wasnted for my b-day. She wrapped them though. I also got a cute green shirt, a tote to carry my scriptures in, (which I had wanted for a really long time) it was white with orange polka dots and would match my new skirt too. I got a little book with three pictures of me that Nate had drawn that were very well-drawn,and Kelsey's old, blue ipod she's found that still has a few songs on it. I've wanted an ipod for a long time too, and at a couple of points I had enough money to buy one, but I've always decided there were beter things to spend my money on and refrained, so I', glad I got one. For my b-day we're not doing anything big with the fmaily since I'm having a b-day party.
We're going to have a Mario-kart tournament, and play some other games. We're havinng our own cake, we're having at lunch. It's a kind I've wanted for a really long time but we never have it. It's a chocolate cake with a layer of this pudding thing, then a layer of chocolate frosting stuff, then another chocolate cake, and more frosting. Or something like that, and you add strawberries or cranberries, or raspberries on it sometimes. It's SUPER good.
Then 5-9 is my party. We're doing blind-folded makeovers which are really fun, the playing this game where you roll dice until someone gets doubled then they try to unwrap and eat as many Rolo's as they can with chopsticks until someone else rolls doubles then they stop and the other person goes. We're playing spoons, but the person who looses has to go in a room and everyone else makes a disgustion concoction they have to drink. And the Flour game where you pakc down flour and put a penny in the middle of it and you cut a piece of the flour off and whoever makes the penny fall has to get it out with their mouth.
The only problem with that game is it's no fun if people try to make it fall, and you can only play it like twice, or it makes a big mess, and the penny has been touched by too many people's mouths.
We're also decorating cupcakes and eating pizza. And watching the movie While You Were Sleeping. And if you haven't seen that I want you to know that it's not a horror show, or a gross show, even if it sounds like it. It's sort of a chick-flick comedy. And I can't remember it that well, but I remember that I thought it was very funny. I recommend it.