Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 days

Nathan's birthday is tomorrow and Thanksgiving comes on along with it. Except it's 3 days later. And then 3 days after that is his babtism, which kelsey, jenna, and I have been working hard to perfect our trio thingy. Then like 4 weeks after that is CHRISTMAS! Then 3 days after that is Tyler's birthday. Then 3 days after that is New Years. Then 3 days after that is, finally, my birthday. After everyone's all partied out and tired of periods of 3 days. Which, my birthday is also the day school starts back on from Christmas break. Just dandy huh! And it's also basketball tryouts. So I hope I do good.
Oh, and there's a family reunion in the middle of it all. Then after my birthday everything slows down for a while. Thanks goodness!
And Tyler was actually supposed to be born a day before me, Jan. 3. Wouldn't that stink! We'd probably share a cake! Maybe even presents! Can you imagine me playing with little firefighter action figures and such things, and Tyler trying to walk in my jeans? OK, so can I. Which just shows you how weird our family is.
I'm not complaining or anything, but Tyler's and my birthday's aren't in the best places. Especially Tyler's. Don't get me wrong! I love my birthday and I wouldn't change where it is if I could, because Jan. 4th just seems too speacial to me. But, again especially for Tyler, people don't feel like they have to work as hard to get us good presents. (Not mom and dad though. they do great and I mean it) because they just got us presents for Christmas so why would they get us two good presents in the period of less than a week?
Sorry I know that sounded selfish, but I guess I feel more bad for Tyler, because he has it bad! 3 days after Chirstmas!
Actually we all kinda have our birthdays 3 days after a holiday of somesort.
Me, 3 days after New Years.
Nathan, sometimes 3 days after Thanksgiving. It depends since it always moves around.
Jenna 3 days after April Fools.
Tyler, 3 days after Christmas.
Happy Birthday Nathan!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Spirit

I didn't feel like writing on my blog but I decided to anyways. It's good to make yourself do stuff you don't want to sometimes.
I was going to be a carrot for Halloween, then a gangester, then I ended up being a hippie. Well, a hippie/hobo. Pretty much I had this huge afro and tied this band around my head, but instead of like the tight pants and loose shirt, I wore this tye-dye shirt and my pjs. Oh and a beard. So I was sort of a hippie slump. A hippie who was too lazy to look like one.
I liked it though. I went trick-or-treating with my friend who moved to Pullman. It takes an hour to get there and back, so we met them half way there and brought her back. We went with the whole family, but then when we went back we kept going. We went for two hours, but weirdly I didn't end up with too much candy. Jenna had litrealy (however you spell that?) 3 times more than me. Her pillowcase was half way full! Mine was like too small to be a fraction. Oh, well! I had fun anyways, and besided candy's bad for you. (That's kind of sour grapes, but I'm being opptomistic about it so it's more like yummy sour grapes. They're out there, I've had them!) When we came back the kids were watching Horton Hears A Who, (I capilized the A because it's an important letter ((it's the letter that starts my name which helps a little bit)) but people are never capitlizing it, I'm going to capitalize it every time it's by its self in this post from now on) which is one of Taylor's least favorite movies and one of my favorite animated movies. It's right up there with Kung Foo Panda. Those movies are hillarious!!!!! Anyways we watched it anyways and she was lauging the whole time! I kept asking her why this was one of her least favorite movies if she thought it was so funny. She just said it was only the begginning she didn't like. But I think she liked it, and the beggining's one of my favorite parts.
I also wanted to add something to the 10 things I really want to be able to do list, but I forgot what it is. It's sad. That's all I feel like writing about so I think I'm going to end this post now. Oh, and by the way, Taylor (my friend) was a pioneer, Jenna was a witch, Tyler was Batman, and Nate was a Storm Trooper. (Tyler changed what what he was over and over again Halloween day. He was almost a ghost, then Buzz Lightyear, then Batman, which those are actaully his pjs, and back and forth, until he finally decided to stick with Batman)
Happy Halloween!!!