Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Forbidden Warmth

For Spring break we were planning to go to the Oregon Coast, but when my mom looked up the weather, and saw that it was raining almost every day she decided against it. So, being the spur of the moment family that we are, we packed up our bags and left 4 hours later to St. George, Utah to visit our grandparents.

It was a ton of fun, and warrrmmm!!! Warmth is something Moscow has been missing for 6 months. And we probably won't have it for another 3, since we have 9 months of winter, 1 month of spring and fall, and 1 month of summer. That is why I will be moving to California once I grow up.
As I said before Spring Break was lots of fun. I loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa Woolley, especially since we don't often see them because they live 17 hours away. We also went hiking, went to the park, played laser tag, watched movies, had the rare chance to experience real shopping, and most of all enjoyed the sun.
If you read my blog you know that our family does not usually remember to bring the camera to places, hence the absence of photos. An unusual thing happened this time though, somehow the camera actually got into our car, and we actually brought it with us. So the first day we got there, when we went to climb the red rocks, we actually had the camera with us. A miracle! But, my dad took one photo, and then it died, and we never went to buy new batteries. So one photo is all we have, and it actually happens to be of me, but I can't find it. Photoless again. At least of us, but here's a photo of the red rocks. And this is about where we were in St. George.

While we were in St. George Grandma reminded me that I hadn't written on my blog in a while, so that's why I wrote this. But the reason I haven't in a while is because it actually kind of bores me just to write what our family is up to. I still will write about that sort of stuff when big things happen, but from now on most of the time I'm just going to write about the things that interest me. Prepare yourself! ;)

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  1. Glad you found some warm sun! Your mom must be a true Weber because Grandma Weber never has been a camera person either - thus the reason for no pictures of your uncle Craig. haha.